Ultravioleta, Tecnología y Maquinaria S.L., wishes to provide their clients with the best solutions, and is always interested if the latest technologies to improve their products with the best innovations.

We develop activities in two fields:

In one side, we assemble equipments and installations for Chemical Industry. Backed by a wide experience in this sector, we offer not only the supply of the equipments but also the entire installation of the manufacturing plant, either semi-automatic or computerized by PC-PLC system.
In the other side, we make equipment and installations for Polymer drying by Ultraviolet radiation /IR. We have a proved experience on the application and treatment of surfaces of a wide rage of materials and different fields like wood, natural stone or ceramics. Uvitem has also developed portable UV/IR drying units to use in specific places.

Uvitem search innovative products and materials on markets to offer their clients the most innovative equipments and the most competitive prices.